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The Highwaymen were a country music supergroup composed of four of the genre's biggest artists well known for their pioneering influence on the outlaw country subgenre: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. Active between 1985 and 1995, these four artists recorded three major label albums as The Highwaymen: two on Columbia Records and one for Liberty Records. Their Columbia works produced three chart singles, including the Number One "Highwayman" in 1985.

Between the years · Willie Nelson of 1996 and 1999, Nelson, Kristofferson, Cash, and Jennings also provided the voice and dramatization for the Louis L'Amour Collection, a four CD box set of seven Louis L'Amour stories published by the HighBridge Company, although the four were not credited as "The Highwaymen" in this work. Besides the four formal members of the group, only one recording vocal artist ever appeared on a Highwaymen recording: Johnny Rodriguez, who provided a Spanish vocal on 'Deportee', a Woody Guthrie cover, from "Highwayman". The four original members have also starred in only one movie together: the 1986 film Stagecoach.

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Formed in 1985, the group did not have an official name when they released their first album on Columbia Records. The album, entitled Highwayman, was credited to "Nelson, Jennings, Cash, Kristofferson". The single "Highwayman", a Jimmy Webb cover, became a #1 country hit. Their cover of Guy Clark's "Desperados Waiting for a Train" reached the Top 20. (Clark is frequently referred to as "The Fifth Highwayman".) The album was produced by Chips Moman.

Highwayman 2

In 1990, the group reunited for a second effort, titled Highwayman 2, which reached #4 on the country album chart. The Lee Clayton-penned song "Silver Stallion" was the first single and made the country Top 40. The album was nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Collaboration. Highwayman 2 was produced, once again, by Moman. Six of the songs were written or co-written by members of the group.

The Road Goes on Forever

The group's final release prior to Jennings's death in 2002 was the 1995 Don Was-produced album The Road Goes on Forever, (a Robert Earl Keen cover), with the single, "It Is What It Is". The four singers then returned to their solo careers. A tenth anniversary edition of The Road Goes on Forever appeared in 2005, with several bonus tracks added as well as, in some versions, a DVD containing the music video for "It Is What It Is" and a documentary entitled Live Forever - In the Studio with the Highwaymen.


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The Highwaymen perform "Highwayman" at Farm Aid VI in Ames, Iowa on April 24, 1993. Willie Nelson is a co-founder and President of Farm Aid, along with co-founders and board members Neil Young, and John Mellencamp. The three agreed that family farmers were in dire need of assistance and decided to plan a concert for America. The show was put together in six weeks and was held on September 22, 1985 in Champaign, Illinois before a crowd of 80,000 people. It raised over $9 million for America's family farmers. Performers included Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and many more. Dave Matthews joined Farm Aid's Board of Directors in 2001 to help further Farm Aid's mission of keeping family farmers on their land.

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Audio veröffentlicht am 02.12.2015 The Road Goes on Forever is an album by American country supergroup The Highwaymen. It was  rst released on April 4, 1995 on Liberty Records, then on November 8, 2005 the album was re-released on Capitol/EMI with bonus tracks and, in some versions, an extra DVD for the album's 10th anniversary.


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