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Kentucky Colonels                                                 1954-1973

The Kentucky Colonels were a popular bluegrass band during the American folk music revival of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Formed in Los Angeles, California in the mid-'50s, the group featured the influential and celebrated bluegrass guitarist Clarence White, who would be largely responsible for making the guitar a lead instrument within bluegrass, and who later went on to join the L.A. rock band the Byrds. 

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The White brothers started out as the Country Boys in 1954, with their brother Eric. With the addition of Latham, Mack and Sloane, and Roger Bush replacing Eric, they changed their name to the Kentucky Colonels in 1961. They soon became well-known on the bluegrass scene, performing at folk and country festivals. They appeared on Andy Griffith's television show twice. In 1964, they released their most popular album to date, "Appalachian Swing!". The band's last performance was in the Fall of 1965. They reunited with Clarence White and performed a number of shows in 1973 as the New Kentucky Colonels, also known as the White Brothers. Clarence was killed by a drunk driver in July 1973. Before Clarence was killed, the White Brothers recorded an album called "Live in Sweden 1973."



●Clarence White - guitar, vocals (born 7 June 1944, Lewiston, Maine, died 14 July 1973, Palmdale, California)

●Roland White - mandolin, vocals (born 23 April 1938, Madawaska, Maine)

●Billy Ray Latham - banjo (born 12 January 1938, California)

●LeRoy Mack - Dobro

●Roger Bush - bass

●Bobby Sloane - fiddle

●Scotty Stoneman - Fiddle Died Mar. 4, 1973 Was son of famous Ernest Stoneman of country music's Stoneman family.

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"I Am a Pilgrim" The Cable 4/19/1964 Clarence White

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1965 - 1966

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"If You're Ever Gonna Love Me" Ash Grove. LA, CA. 4/6/1965

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"Alabama Jubilee" The Ash Grove. LA, CA. 4/6/1965

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