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Lynn Morris & Band

Lynn Morris (born October 8, 1948) is an American bluegrass musician.


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Morris was raised in Lamesa, Texas, where she played guitar early in life. While in college she began playing bluegrass music, and began playing banjo while completing a degree in art. She played with bluegrass groups City Limits and Whetstone Run, but found many bluegrass groups resisted women members.

In 1974, she won the National Banjo Championship, the first female to do so. Assembling her own group, the Lynn Morris Band, in 1988, she began recording for Rounder Records. Over time, her bandmates have included husband Marshall Wilborn, mandolinist Jesse Brock,singer/guitarist Chris Jones, mandolinist/banjo player Dick Smith, fiddler Tad Marks, banjo/fiddle player Ron Stewart, guitarist/singer Jeff Autry, mandolinist Matt Mundy, mandolinist David McLaughlin, banjoist Tom Adams, guitarist/mandolinist Audie Blaylock, and fiddler Stuart Duncan. She won several further bluegrass awards in the 1990s.


In 1996 the Lynn Morris Band performed in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, as part of the Bluegrass Sundays winter concert series organized by the Northern Bluegrass Committee. In 2005 the band entertained at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival.


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