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by Jim Casey | @TheJimCasey  |  June 8, 2017

New Albums


New albums dropping on June 9 include Lady Antebellum’s "Heart Break", Chris Janson’s "Fix a Drink" (EP), Glen Campbell’s "Adios", Jessie James Decker’s "Blackbird Sessions" (EP) and Ray Scott’s "Guitar For Sale".

by Jim Casey | @TheJimCasey  |  March 10, 2017

Brad Paisley’s New Album, “Love and War,” Features Collaborations With Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Timbaland, Whisperin’ Bill & Johnny Cash


Over the course of his 18-year career, the West Virginia native has released singles featuring Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Alabama and Demi Lovato.


Chances are, one of his upcoming singles will also feature an Alist artist.

Yesterday (March 9), Brad announced the track list for his upcoming album, "Love and War", and the 16- song offering is brimming with collaborative efforts, including the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, former CCR frontman John Fogerty, R&B star Timbaland and Country Music Hall of Famer Whisperin’ Bill Anderson.


In addition, the late Johnny Cash is credited with a co-write on “Gold All Over the Ground.”


by Lisa Konicki | July 15, 2016

Miranda Lambert's Sultry New Single, «Vice» to Be Revealed on July 18


Miranda Lambert has announced she will finally be releasing a new single, «Vice».

Miranda has been dropping hints about her new single this past week on Twitter. Her most recent post was a photo of a vinyl 45 record with the title «Vice» blurred out and a caption that simply said «July 18». But it looks like the word is officially out and «Vice», cowritten by Miranda, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, will be the new single.

We at Nash Country Daily have been lucky enough to get a sneak listen to the sultry single and there's a reason she posted the image of the vinyl record as a hint. We can say that it is a very different kind of song for Miranda - one that you wouldn't expect - but well worth the wait.



by Lisa Konicki | @LisaKon127  |  March 13, 2017

Maren Morris Spruces Up Breakout Album, “Hero,” With Three New Unreleased Tracks



Maren Morris’ breakout album, Hero, landed on many of 2016’s Best Of lists and earned nominations for ACM, CMA and Grammy awards for Album of the Year. But Maren isn’t resting on her laurels when it comes to her major-label debut album. The “My Church” singer has announced that she will be releasing a deluxe version of Hero on March 17.


The deluxe edition will feature three new songs, all co-written by Maren, that were not included on the original version: “Bummin’ Cigarettes,” “Space” and “Company You Keep.” Fans of Maren will no doubt be familiar with the tunes, because the Texas native performs them during her concert sets.




Legacy Recordings

«Django & Jimmie» by Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard


Legends Willie and Merle salute musical pioneers Django Reinhardt and Jimmie Rodgers in their 2015 duet album. For the concept alone, this should rank among the year's finest and most important records. Thankfully, the material lives up to the premise, with standouts like «It's All Going to Pot», «Missing Ol' Jonny Cash» and the swinging title track. Plus, the rhythms and melodies sound as fresh and mesmerizing as anything out there in the mainstream. In an industry that seems more and more obsessed with youth, it's nice to see a couple of alpha stags showing the young bucks how it's done.






by Lisa Konicki | @LisaKon127  |  March 9, 2017

Joey Feek’s Posthumous Debut Solo Album Set For Release




A little more than a year after the death of Joey+Rory’s Joey Feek from ovarian cancer, the singers debut solo album, If Not For You, is set for release on April 7.

Produced by husband Rory Feek, the 12-track album was recorded in 2005 and will included Joey’s original recording of the song “That’s Important to Me.” The tune was also a single for Joey + Rory in 2010 and featured on their sophomore album, Album Number Two.

“The album is filled with songs that spoke to her and, even more, spoke volumes about her. About what’s most important to her. The lyrics of this record made it clear who she was and who she wanted to be,” Rory said in the album’s booklet. “Yes, her voice might have changed a bit in time, but her character was already rock-solid.”

Included with the album will be a 48-page booklet of photos and stories from Joey, 

by Lisa Konicki | @LisaKon127 | September 9, 2016

Art Imitates Life as Billy Ray Cyrus Crosses His Own “Thin Line”


Billy Ray Cyrus is a busy man these days. Writing and starring in his own sitcom, Still The King, which was picked up for a second season by CMT, would keep anyone busy enough. On top of that, Billy Ray decided to release a brand-new album, Thin Line -  which drops Today (Sept. 9) - chock-full of guest appearances and classic country songs.

Known for his striking good looks, hip-shaking moves, multi-million selling album, Some Gave All, and smash-hit single, “Achy Breaky Heart,” in the 1990s, Billy Ray Cyrus is now a sentimental family man, a deep thinker and relaxed in his own skin. Over the course of three decades, Billy Ray has sold millions of albums and reached international success. But on his latest project, Thin Line, all Billy Ray wants is to represent how he lives his life.

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