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by Jim Casey | @TheJimCasey (http://www.nashcountrydaily.com/author/jcasey/) | August 11, 2016

Vote Now: Better Post-Divorce Song -

Blake’s «She’s Got a Way With Words» or Miranda’s «Vice»

It’s been more than a year since Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert called an end to their four-year marriage. Not only have both parties moved on with new significant others, but both Blake and Miranda have also released new music.


Blake dropped his new album, If I’m Honest, in May, and he released his current single, “She’s Got a Way With Words,” in June.


In July, Miranda released her first single, “Vice,” from her upcoming album that’s due out in the fall.


While neither Blake nor Miranda have come out and expressly stated that their new singles are about one another, it’s hard not to draw a connection - vague or otherwise.


“She’s Got a Way With Words” was written by Wyatt Earp, Andy Albert and Marc Beeson, so there’s always the caveat that Blake didn’t pen it, but he definitely liked it enough to record it and release it as a single. “Vice,” on the other hand, was co-penned by Miranda, Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally.


Listen to each song below, then vote to let us know which one you think is a better post-divorce tune.

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