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Tish Hinojosa

Leticia ("Tish") Hinojosa (born December 6, 1955, San Antonio, Texas) is a folksinger recording in both Spanish and English. Hinojosa was the youngest of 13 children. Hinojosa's parents were Mexican immigrants. Known for singing both traditional Mexican folksongs and her own original songs, both in Spanish and English, Hinojosa accompanies herself on guitar, which she plays right-handed although she is naturally lefthanded. Hinojosa has charted twice on the Billboard country charts and has recorded several albums, primarily for Rounder Records. Her 1992 album "Culture Swing" won the NAIRD Indie Folk Album of the Year.

Career highlights

Awards and honors

●White House performance for President and Mrs. Clinton ●NAIRD Indie Folk Album of the Year Culture Swing ●Las Primera (The Firsts) award from MANA, the largest organization of Latino women ●Performances at presidential and gubernatorial inauguration events.


Humanitarian activities

●Spokesperson, National Latino Children's Agenda ●Spokesperson, National Assoc. Of Bilingual Education ●United Farm workers of America


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